Here at Saviez Vineyards, there is no such thing as an off season…


As with all of our operations, everything begins with keeping a close eye on what is happening with the vineyard. At any given time our staff can be found in the vine rows looking for anything unusual, like checking for erosion, or possible diseases that may be showing early symptoms. This is also the time of year when, depending on our rainfall, decisions are made concerning how to manage nutrition, frost protection, bud break and shoot thinning.


This is an extremely crucial time of year as we are gathering the information that will be the blueprint for your harvest. Soil health is continually monitored, as is pest management, soil moisture and vine water stress. Crop thinning and removing excess shoots that rob the vine of vital carbohydrates and other nutrients ensures the health of the crop.


With out doubt, Fall is the most exciting time of the year. Sugar & water reports are recorded and forwarded to all Vineyard contact persons (owners, supervisors, winemakers). We are strong advocates of good communication between all key persons. All equipment is prepped, fueled, and ready to go for Harvest.

After your grapes are harvested, your field is closely reviewed again, as there are some grapevine diseases that will only show symptoms during this time of year. Should this be the case, soil analysis and careful examination of the vines are done in order to take the proper action. Soil nutrients are added if needed, compost is spread. Cover crops are seeded in order to ensure good water penetration, erosion control, and in most cases, a good dose of life giving Nitrogen.


Even as your vines go dormant for the Winter, we continue to keep busy at Saviez Vineyard Management. There is always something to do. Budgets are prepped for next season. Erosion control practices are applied, and depending on the situation pruning has even started. Most importantly this is the time of year when decisions are made for the following year.

Are certain vineyards having poor soil health? Is it time for a re-plant? Do we want to expand the vineyard? Do you want to change varietals? Will what we did this season work for next season? And the one after that? Is there some piece of equipment or a technique that will work better?


New Vineyard development projects are always in progress, including, but not limited to, fencing, irrigation system installation, road construction, vineyard layout, pest management, nutrient additions, and repairing and updating equipment. We are constantly examining the health of your vines, and keep our clients informed as to what is happening, thereby enabling them to make well thought, out educated decisions as far as the future their Vineyard is concerned.