A company’s greatest resource is having a reliable, well-trained, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic staff.

At this point we would like to introduce you to some of the key people that really make things happen here at Saviez Vineyard Management. Each one is unique, and offers different talents and skills that make all of the pieces of a great Vineyard Management team really fit together well.

Paul Saviez

Education – Viticulture Program, Santa Rosa Junior College. University of California Davis. Paul also has a Qualified Application License (QAL) for spraying which is necessary for vineyard maintenance.

Experience – Operated his own vineyard management company for over 30 years, independent of Saviez Vineyards. Starting at the tender age of 7 years old, Paul has worked the land for over 55 years. The ambitious Paul worked as a licensed contractor, even while still working the ranch in the early 80’s, and assumed control of Saviez Vineyards in 1988

Jesus Espitia

Education – Personally trained by Paul Saviez

Experience – Over 35 years with Saviez Vineyard Management, general manager in charge of all staff in the field, and a very capable operator of any and all heavy equipment necessary for all facets of Vineyard development and General Engineering (Retaining walls, road construction, etc…) Adept at troubleshooting most equipment, & potential equipment mechanical needs. Anything that is needed to be done, Jesus can do it!

Antonio Garcia

Education – Trained by Paul Saviez.

Experience – Over 30 years at Saviez Vineyard Management, he can be plugged in to any situation with ease. Lately, Tony has been in charge of Vineyard infrastructure tasks for many of our new developments. Coordinating perimeter fence construction, vineyard row & block layout, and irrigation system installation. Again, most anything that is needed, Antonio can do it!

Our Vineyard Mascots

Buddy, Haily & Taminga