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Yes. In fact, Paul Saviez is one of the few “Licensed Timber Operators” in the area.
Yes, we do, precisely calculating what your specific vineyard needs are. We can also inspect, repair and update all of our systems on a regular basis.
Yes, we do. Many of our clients have smaller “back yard” operations that get the same attention to detail as the large ones.
That is entirely up to you. For some of our clients that are absentee homeowners, we handle everything and just make regular reports. Other clients live on, or near their vineyard and really love to be involved and educated too.
Sure. We have a few clients that use Saviez Vineyard Management only during their harvest. We bring the equipment, personnel and sanitation to your preferred winery.
It happens all the time. Sometimes we get calls during the rainy season from clients who need a fallen tree removed, or they forgot to turn off their water and the irrigation pipes during a freeze and they broke. No problem, that’s what we do.
We are pretty much focused on wine grape production, however, we will also assist with tree re-locating, as well as setting up irrigation systems for whatever landscaping that you may have.
You bet! Our job description is as big or small as YOU need it to be. A lot of our clients have their own property managers, and utilize our staff & equipment for specific tasks such as installing roads, fences and gates, and additional vine rows to existing vineyards.
We have an on call licensed & bonded electrician that specializes in agricultural applications, including pumps & motors.
Yes we do. This also gives us the opportunity to review your current system to see if upgrades are necessary. We realize that the cost of irrigating your vineyards is constantly on the rise, and try to be sensitive to that fact.
Most of our work is done on a time & materials basis. There are times when certain jobs are done as a bid, depending on the situation. Clients are billed on a monthly.